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Hire English speaking software
engineering talent in your timezone

In 2021 we’ve helped our clients to hire…

23 software engineers


Why choose us to outsource over the competition?

Giant consulting firms will fee you to death, while others will provide with resources you can only connect for two hours per day and you can seldom understand them.

Here are 3 reasons to work with us to manage your team:

Timezone – more time for collaborate

Right now is the same time in Santiago de Chile and New York, or in Mexico City and Austin.

Companies are made up of people – and people must communicate to have clarity in their work.

It’s easy to have a big range of hours to communicate with your team, even in the worst case scenario like when in San Francisco, CA is 10am – is 2pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Talent – skilled software engineers coming from LATAM

Did you know there are 65,000 new graduates per year in the US? Small number compared with the 300,000 new tech jobs opened for the same year.

Countries like Argentina with a High English Proficiency and with universities ranking in the best of the world, are producing a great amount of talent per year.

Between Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico they produce more than 250,000 new graduates per year.

Price – same timezone, great talent at a fraction of the cost

Get more purchasing power for every single dollar you invest into your team.

On average our customers save 35% on each hire. In other words you can hire 3 engineers via South Target instead 2 in the US – without including other benefits like worring about a single invoice for your whole team instead of doing multiple payroll for each member.

Our Technology Stack

Instead of focus in a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and tools; we rather prefer to be the best in a few of them.

JavaScript and PHP with their libraries and frameworks are our main focus in terms of development. For mobile development we choose the hybrid approach with React Native.

From virtual machines to serverless including kubernetes, elastic-search, CI/CD and cache systems: we’ve got you covered in terms of DevOps.

Languages & Libs

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • Express
  • PHP
  • Laravel

Tools & Managment

  • Git
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Firebase
  • WordPres
  • WooCommerce


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Jenkins
  • Redis


We designed our pricing to be simple and effective. No hidden fees. 100% compliant with US laws.
Here are some details you should consider:

Job Title San Francisco Austin New York South Target
Sr. NodeJS Developer $156,239/yr $123,455/yr $137,669/yr $95,000/yr
Jr. NodeJS Developer $89,795/yr $73,480/yr $78,382/yr $58,000/yr
Sr. PHP Developer $156,239/yr $123,455/yr $137,669/yr $95,000/yr
Jr. PHP Developer $89,019/yr $73,313/yr $76,718/yr $55,000/yr
Devops Engineer $135,015/yr $106,244/yr $110,606/yr $87,000/yr
Source for salaries: Glassdoor.
On average our customers saves 35% by hiring talent using South Target.

Our Clients

Peer Wise

Peer Wise

Peer Wise

Royal Legal Solutions

Peer Wise

Onboard Me

Peer Wise

Air Traffic Control

Peer Wise


Why we are a good solution?

Here we compare how much it could cost to hire talent on your own, using a HR agency, or choosing South Target. This is one reason: we are a cost effective solution for hiring software engineers.

Criteria On your Own Using an HR Agency South Target
Salary $120,000/yr $120,000/yr $95,000/yr
Commision $0 $18,000 $0
Job Board Fee $1,200 $0 $0
Payroll up to $50 up to $50 $0
Paperwork up to $1,500 up to $1,500 $0
$122,750 $139,550 $95,000

Now let’s talk about your most valuable resource: TIME. In the next table we will compare how much time could take – even with an automated system, to manage and scale a team.

For this example let’s assume a team size of 5 members.

Criteria On your Own South Target
Contract Formation 2/hr per member 2/hr total
Payroll 1/hr per member 0/hr total
Payroll Fee Up to $50 per member $0
Transactions 5 1
Add New Members Up to 20/hr per member 2/hr per member

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